Saturday Hike: Morro do Leme

Yesteday was yet another cloudy day in which we didn’t hear the beach calling, at least not for us in our swimming suits.   Instead, we decided to bike up the beach and hike the Morro do Leme, which sits at the opposite end of the Copacabana beach.

The Fort of Duque de Caxias is an area that I have been wanting to visit for quite some time, but was unsure how exactly to tackle it with a toddler.  Rather than thinking it over, we just ended up there and it all turned out just fine.

There is a military installation at the foot of the hill so we parked our bikes and headed up the cobblestone path to the top.   The entrance fee is R$4 and the climb up is steep but not too strenuous.  It took us around a half hour to climb and that was with L walking most of the way herself.

The views from the top are incredible, even on a cloudy day.   You can look south over Copacabana and the beaches, the Corcovado looks down from a distance, the Pão de Açúcar stretches out beside it and Niteroi spans out across the bay.

We were totally unprepared to actually hike.  S had thrown an apple in his bag at the last minute and luckily they had a water fountain on the top.

After we made our way back down the mountain we stopped by one of our favorite coffee shops, La Fiducia Cafe.   It is a bit pricier but the coffee is usually done well. S’s sandwich was perfect, L requested two orders of pao de quejo and my mom and I split a bruschetta in which the tomatoes were actually flavorful (tomatoes don’t seem to be Brazil’s strong point).

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Rio’s reality–even in the winter

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Wander near any of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro and you’ll be quickly reminded why expats recently voted their favourite aspects of Rio 1) the beaches, 2) the people, 3) the weather, and 4) the quality of life.

The beaches personify Rio – sun, fun and sport abound at every turn. Whilst the beach promenades are dotted with numerous outdoor multi-gyms, home to rippling muscles, and palm trees form improvised pegs to a network of tightropes. The adjourning cycle path acts like some mass conveyor belt of joggers, skate boarders, skaters, cyclists and walkers.

Spot Capoeira





Beach promenades bustle with sporting activities


Improvised tumbling entertains the more sedentary






Whilst on the water


Local colour abounds



Fut volley raises the bar on more traditional beach volleyball



Beach volleyball dominates



From the early morning work-out


To a mid-week play in the sea


Making sand castles


To a more crowded affair



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