Fairs: Brasil Rural Contemporaneo 2012

Last week when we were at the Lagoa we saw the stilt dancers advertising for a large fair featuring products from rural areas across Brazil. We decided to go, in part hoping to see the performers again.

Brasil Rural Contemporaneo featured hundreds of associations and cooperatives from all over the country and while we didn’t find our stilt dancers, we were not disappointed. The products were amazing, handicrafts from every region, sweets, cheeses, cachacas, pastas, and meats. Each tent featured a region and they had special areas for cheeses and cachacas. The food court features typical food from each region and best of all they had a great kids area with playground equipment, a library and a performance area. They had not started  the concert line up when we were there but as we were leaving we could hear the music.

The fair was everything I ever hoped Ipanema’s hippie fair could be. The products were typical of each area but original in their designs. The vendors were friendly and the prices were great. I would go again just to get cheese. (L stopped eating cheese when we got to Brazil but when she tried some of the cheese featured at the fair she kept asking for more).

The fair is only this weekend at Marina da Glória. There isn’t any parking there so we opted for the metro to Glória and it was just a five minute walk, though they do have free transportation from some parking establishments.

We spent a long time there. We shopped the tents and exhausted our money. L read, played, made a collage, and found a new friend.

We left just in time to make it to Ipanema for Thanksgiving dinner. We didn’t really plan to celebrate given that we leave early tomorrow morning for Ilha Grande, but Gringo Cafe had turkey and dressing and even managed to whip up a vegetarian option for me.  Everyone was in the spirit of Thanksgiving and we met new friends while giving thanks for the old.   Not so bad for our first Thanksgiving abroad.  Best of all, we didn’t have to slave the day away in the kitchen and nobody asked us to do dishes.

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