Wasted Days

How is it, or why is it, everything here seems to take me twice as long to do?  Granted, I’ll be the first to admit that I am not always the most efficient person.  It isn’t necessarily the language.   We are busy trying to get thing settled for S and his mom to travel back to Egypt in December.   The other night, we spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to book tickets online only to get to the payment and have all of our cards be denied.   Three websites and four numbers later we got connected to the local Emirates Airline call center and they agreed to make a reservation, but would not lock in the price or accept payment.    I was going to go downtown earlier this week to their office to pay, but other things came up and on Wednesday, we got rained out.  I decided that traipsing around downtown with a toddler and a stroller just wasn’t worth it.
So yesterday I decided skip my volunteer gig to do it while L was at school.   I dropped her off and caught the metro.   Within an hour I was sitting in the Emirates Airlines office, drinking a cafezinho and figuring out how to strategically drag out their flights so their layover exceeded eight hours, which would entitle them to free accommodation at a hotel in Dubai (as opposed to the seven hour layover they already had, which would have left them roaming the terminal all night).  An hour later, all was settled and I went to pay, only to find out that our debit card has a limit.   Ugh.   So I pay for one ticket and get their bank information so I can go today and pay for the other one.

It would all be easier if I could just have my own bank account.   But since I don’t have a resident number, I cannot open an account.  So while, I use S’s debit card, I cannot actually call and do anything on the phone with the bank, like raise the debit limit when I find that it is capped.
After wrapping up the return leg of my MIL’s trip, I headed to Iberia, a 15 minute walk away  to figure out why her Rio-Cairo flight has been canceled.   I stop by the post office on the way to mail some official papers my MIL needs for the second time.    The post office has been on strike and my first package never arrived.  So we try again.

On Wednesday I was ready to embrace the cold, at least from my couch.  But when the weather changed all of a sudden and there I was stuck without an umbrella in a t-shirt, downtown in the rain, I started to have second thoughts.  I got to Iberia’s address only to find out that they moved THREE years ago and only have an office in Sao Paulo.   Fail Google Maps and Apontador.com.

Walk to the metro.   Walk to pick up L.  Walk home.

We tried to spend the afternoon exploring Bairro Peixoto in Copacabana.  They actually have a fenced in park.   But by the time we got there the weather had made a turn for the worse and L and I were freezing.    L made a halfhearted effort of enjoying the swings and then asked if we could go home and have a girls’ night.

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2 thoughts on “Wasted Days

  1. Looks like a cool park! And you’re learning so much even if it takes awhile. Soon you’ll be able to negotiate rio better than a native!

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