In Search of the Perfect Brunch: Cafe 18 do Forte

I’ve said that Chicago is a hard brunch act to follow, but that doesn’t keep us from trying. Last weekend when our friend was here we headed back out to Fort Copacabana. The view alone makes brunch worth it. However, last time we went to Confeitaria Colombo I tried without success to order an unsweetened cappuccino. When I complained, the waiter explained that they did not add any sugar, that is just how the mix comes. The mix?!?!

Needless to say I was curious about the other restaurant toward the end of the Fort, Cafe 18 do Forte. The tables always seem to be open when Colombo is full, but I suspected that this was because most people don’t realize there is another restaurant.  More importantly, they have Segafredo cups, which means they must have an espresso machine.

We arrived around 10 a.m. and were seated.  We ordered an omelet, quiche and the breakfast for two (we were three adults and a toddler). The breakfast here includes bolinhas de chuva, Brazil’s version of doughnut holes, and are the best I have had yet.  Our cappaccinos were still sweet, but not as sweet as at Colombo.   I think there might still be hope for these.

While we were waiting for the food to arrive, we actually ventured into the Fort.   L was entertained by the tunnels and the secret rooms.  There wasn’t much in terms of historical overviews but it was an interesting detour.

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