Brazilian Birthday Success!

We survived our first Brazilian birthday.  We met all of L’s classmates. They understood my Portuguese.  It was everything she wanted:  blue, cupcakes that she got to decorate, chocolate covered almonds, coconut brigadeiro (with real chocolate sprinkles that might have taken a tumble in route to the party), and pão de queijo.   L was so excited she didn’t even eat her cupcake, but she talked a lot about it.

I did learn that apparently few kids here drink “leito puro” (pure milk).  I thought their teacher was referring to them drinking powdered milk.  Nope. None of the kids, other than L, wanted to touch the milk since it wasn’t mixed with chocolate.

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Now to prep for our next visitor. Let the planning begin!


4 thoughts on “Brazilian Birthday Success!

  1. Everything looks so cute 🙂 The pan de queso (yes, that’s what we call it at our house) looks yummy – you wouldn’t believe how often we have that since you introduced us last summer. C loves it!! Miss you!! Let’s skype again soon – maybe this weekend? And give L a b-day hug from all of us!

  2. I bet she had a great time! I noticed you put whistles in the goodies bags . . . ummm . . . aren’t you trying to make friends with the other parents? lol I love the little playdough packets, looks you’re settling into your SAHM role quite well. 🙂

    • Ah whistles are nothing here! I put in all the play dough and then realized that parents might not know what I was sending home and had to insert a little note in fear the kids would break into them thinking they were some kind of sweet.

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