Mom Failure: All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

So I am kind of on a roll.   Last week, precisely when I lost L’s Tinker Bell birthday invitations that I never replaced since we are doing it at school anyway, we got one in the mail–the one I was worried about setting a precedent before we had L’s simple party at the school.

Well, I swore the party was tonight and while I thought that a Sunday night party from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. was a bit ridiculous, I assumed it because it was (1) a holiday weekend, and (2) because this is how Brazilians do it. This will teach me to make assumptions.

We spent all weekend prepping L for the party, going shopping for a present for her classmate, wrapping it up, having L write a card, and tonight she chose a special party outfit.   While S and I weren’t thrilled about going out on Sunday night and loading our kid up with sugar, we were excited to actually meet some of the other parents.

When we got to the building and rang the bell, we realized immediately that something was amiss. The doorman didn’t seem to recognize that there was a birthday party in the building.   I pulled out the invitation to confirm we were in the right place and that is when I saw it–the date.   The date actually said 01/09/2012, meaning last Saturday.

In my defense, old habits die hard.   I only found the invitation in L’s backpack on Tuesday, thus I assumed that the party was this upcoming weekend and when I glanced at the date, I intuitively looked at the middle 09 since we Americans usually list the date month/day/year (we don’t have to get into the fact that I date all my computer documents according to international standards).

Anyway, there we were, all three dressed to make an impression with nowhere to go and having to break it to the little one that there would be no party, friends, games, cake, or candy.   I tried to explain that I made a mistake and confused the date.   Ten minutes later L told me, “I made a mistake too.  I wanted to go to M’s party.”   Not sure the whole message got through, but she did understand that there was not going to be a party.   We settled for pizza, building a tent, and frosting L’s cupcakes when we got home.




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