Away and Back Again


Leave it to the first kid free vacation in three years to kick off a month of silence.  At the end of July, S and I ditched the little one with my in-laws and headed to California to visit relatives in San Diego, make our way up the coast on Highway 1, and attend and amazing wedding with dear friends.

At first we wondered if we still actually had stuff to talk about and whether the trip might turn into hours of uncomfortable silence driving in the car.  Luckily, we realized we still really do like each other (not just love each other).  Of course, the sleeping in, not having to think about nap times and bed times, potty breaks, temper tantrums, and being able to just sit and read whatever, whenever, we wanted also helped.   We spent two weeks drinking incredible coffee, sipping wine, and exploring cities and towns up the coast.  When we got to San Francisco we were treated with amazing food and our old Chicago friends.

That said, we also missed L.  She started daycare/preschool the Monday after we left and by the time we returned she seemed more grown up than ever.   Most incredible though was how in two weeks of school and staying with S’s family her Portuguese exploded.   For nearly three years S spoke to L only in Portuguese and was rewarded with a word here and there in her English responses.   However, now it is quite the opposite.  She switches to speak in Portuguese with him, even if we are all together and speaking English.   She conjugates verbs in past and present and even corrects my pronunciation.

All this was just a month ago, but time here seems to slip away and it seems like months ago.   We came back and had a few days with S’s family before they left.   Then S was off for work and our good friends from Chicago arrived, just before he got back.  So between, going away and being back showing off the city and clocking in as much friend time as possible, I haven’t taken time to check-in.    But today I decided that would change.   I’m back.


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