Driving in Brazil: Recreio dos Bandeirantes

I did it! I took the plunge and drove. It isn’t that I have been scared to drive, just lazy. After spending a month and a half in Egypt, traffic here seems much more civilized, at least to my very compartmentalized American mind. I still hear my drivers’ education instructor telling me what and what not to do. Ask S, I often play the role when he drives in the States.

Anyway, given S’s travel schedule and all of our upcoming visitors, I needed to get my feet wet so I can start shuttling back and forth between our place and the airport. And so, on Sunday I decided to do it.

After a week of rain and relatively chillier weather (meaning I had to put on a long sleeve shirt), we welcomed the heat wave on Sunday and headed to spend the morning at the beach.

Instead of heading to the beach in Copacabana we packed up the car and drove south to Recreio dos Bandeirantes. The beach there is less crowded. Large waves attract surfers but a large sandbank allows them to break before they reach the shore, providing a calmer water front for kids than in Barra itself.

We spent the better part of the morning there before meeting up with friends for lunch on the Ilha dos Pescadores, which I will tell you more about some other day. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon with the best food i have had yet here.

The trip out to Recreio in the morning from Zona Sul took a half hour. The trip back in the evening at 6:30 p.m. took over an hour. But the trip gave me the chance to do a bit of everything and it went well (forget the man on a bike going wrong way on a one way who I almost took out). Now, I just have to build up the confidence to take on the city without my co-pilot.

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