Finally a Fish

L did it! She slept alone in her own bed and earned the seven stickers needed to get a fish. It was about time. We needed a some kind of pet in the house since the past few days have been peppered with homages to Luna, our old dog.

L woke up elated on Saturday. I woke up with a sore throat, aches in my lower back, and a horribly congested chest. I made it on my feet long enough to make pancake batter and then pass out on the couch for five hours.

S took L out to get a fish and she returned with a red beta she named Da Da Da.

S and I worried that after getting a fish we would see a big regression in her sleep, but for the past couple of nights we have actually heard her come in our room in the morning and go back to her own bed to sleep. So here’s to hoping that we are on the road to progress.


2 thoughts on “Finally a Fish

  1. 🙂 Lucy has been explaining to me the difference between te te and milk…. apparently some babies get te te (breastmilk in a bottle) and some just get milk….

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