Book Your Ticket: Casa do Transito Opens Its Doors

We have always lived on the edge.   Not in the sense of risky.  S and I are both quite risk averse.   No, on the edge of great areas.   That’s what fits into our price range.   In Egypt, we lived on the poor(er) side of Zamalek, looking out on the dilapidated house boats and the popular area of Embaba.   In Chicago, we lived just west of Western Ave. in Humboldt Park, bordering the trendier Bucktown and Wicker Park neighborhoods.

And this has always worked for us, just close enough to the convenience of the nicer areas, without the price.   Why should things be any different in Rio, except that the price even for the cheaper places is still ridiculously high.  Technically we live in Copacabana, but it is in the very back corner, bordering Ipanema and Lagoa.    It is far enough away from the beach that tourists (and everything else that comes with that industry) don’t quite venture this direction, but close enough to walk everywhere.

In Cairo, we called our apartment Casa del Nilo.   Here we sit above a very busy street, full of traffic.   Here we live in Casa do Transito.

And Casa do Transito is now open for visitors.  Today must have been the day when missing us kicked in.  I left for three hours this afternoon and returned home to three messages from my parents and two friends saying they were booking tickets.    So maybe missing us,  us being in an amazing city, and the fact a friend caught sight of a deal for Chicago-Rio tickets for $574 helped us out.

So now the next six months are sprinkled with fun visits and just like Cristo, we will be here to welcome everyone with open arms!


This means I really have to kick up L’s and my city exploring so that we can be resident know-it-alls by the time everyone arrives.


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