A Room Complete

I have been trying to post this post for three days but was having trouble with our connection uploading pictures.

So here it is, the room of all rooms that is supposed to be so inviting that L doesn’t want to leave it, especially at night.   Now if only we could figure out how to drown out the sound all the traffic.   Ideas?


5 thoughts on “A Room Complete

  1. Its so adorable! I love your kitchen playset. My boys are a little concerned about the lack of trains, dinosaurs or swords. You might be forewarned for L’s birthday package.

  2. You can tell the boys that trains are on the bottom shelf of the toy closet. I bought L some dinosaurs when we were in Egypt. They were made in China and too scary to keep after we landed Stateside.

  3. That is an adorable bedroom!! Do you have a white noise machine for drowning out the traffic? I swear that’s the only way Noel sleeps.

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