A Perfect Sunday: Brunch at Fort Copacabana

Now that Rio + 20 has wrapped up the city is clearing out. Still we were a bit leery to head to what had been the epicenter of much of the action, Fort Copacabana (Forte de Copacabana).    We got there at 10 a.m. feeling like we were quite late.  As it ends up, the restaurants don’t open until 10 a.m. so we were perfectly on time.    Note that for early toddler breakfasts we need to find a different location.

The line outside was long, but the best thing about having a toddler (or being old or pregnant for that matter) in Brazil is that you have access to preferential lines.  We buzzed past the crowd and were through the gates in a matter of minutes.   We settled into a table at Confectionaria Colombo that overlooked the beach, and the mountain that we see every morning when we look out our window (literally, you can touch it from our window).

On an attempt to have a day to just ourselves, we ended up without a camera or a phone.

Confectionaria Colombo at Fort Copacabana provides a perfect view of Copacabana beach and the Sugar Loaf in the distance on a clear day.

We ordered an omelet and a café da manhã light that came with yogurt, granola, a bread basket, fresh cheese and deli turkey, cream cheese and honey, a small plate of sweets, and fresh orange juice.  We ordered two cappuccinos.   As avid brunchers and spoiled by Chicago, I will try not to be too hard on the food.   The omelet was okay. The addition or oregano made it taste more like a pizza.  The bread included both white and whole grain.   L was happy with the yogurt and granola.   The sweets were a disappointment.   The cappuccinos were horrible, overly sweet and topped with two inches of whipped cream.   I have to learn that sweet is the default here so if I want a plain cap.  I need to make that explicit.     While I wasn’t impressed with the food, I would definitely go back.  Knowing brunch isn’t a thing here like it is in the States, I have adjusted my expectations, and the view and the company made it totally worth it.

We finished breakfast and walked to edge to look out over the ocean and up and down the coast and then headed to the beach.   And just like that, in a matter of ten minutes were were sprawled out on the beach with L running back and forth between us and the water.   We met a little girl who had the same birthday, whose mother was extremely generous in offering me advice on hospitals, pediatricians, and preschools.   Of course, with my Portuguese, I repeat everything she said in an effort to remember and consequently forget by the time it leaves my mouth.   Luckily she offered me her number and email before I even had to ask.

We walked up the beach and back home, stopping by the bike shop to pick up the stroller that got a flat tire last week on my way home.   The rest of the afternoon has been lazy, but napless, and now it is time to celebrate with a little taste of home by breaking into a coveted bag of chocolate chips to make cookies.


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