An Apartment Almost Complete

We are so close to being done putting the apartment together.  S was here when all the boxes arrived and he attempted to sort through and set up what he could, and in his true style, stuffed what he couldn’t.  I arrived just in time to do what I do best, take everything out.   Now I am struggling to get it all into place.   Let’s be honest, it’s a lifetime struggle for me.   But I am trying.  Really trying.

L’s room is complete.  S’s office is cozy.   The furniture is finally set up in the living room and the kitchen is as organized as a drawer-less kitchen can possibly be.

Now we are just faced with the annoying stragglers.   Pictures.   Paintings.  A basket full of clothes I probably should have donated before we moved.  Then there are the things that we are hoping will still complete themselves, though the probability is waning now that the boxes have dwindled down:  a shadeless lamp, an accessory-less dryer, a support-less bed frame, a broken main slat in our bed, one empty pillow case that happens to be missing my nice pillow, no jewelery box (I know.  I know.  It wasn’t supposed to be in the boxes anyway but our movers in the U.S. were so damn efficient they packed it before I realized it.   I am already kicking myself over and over.   Now I am trying not to think about it.   I didn’t have anything really valuable, but definitely sentimental.  Moving on.).

Today, in an effort to finally just get all of it out of our way, we had a handyman come by the house.   He arrived three hours late and forgot his handy drill so after trying in vain with ours, he rescheduled for Friday.

No sleep last night, the lack of progress today, a sick kid (“my snot just keeps coming and coming”), and generally gloomy weather put me an less than pleasant mood today and everyone in my house had to pay for it.   Luckily, a glass of expensive (but cheap) wine, S and an episode of Mad Men has now made it all better.

Tomorrow, I’ll post pictures.


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